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“The Belt and Road” is an important strategy for Chinese external development, which aims to promote the efficient allocation of resources and the deep integration of national markets. As the strategy develops, local enterprises are involved in the trade activities along the route by the establishment of branches.

The expansion of enterprise-scale and the increasing number of branches can make the cost and difficulty of enterprise resources management increase. In addition, due to a large number of countries along the route, there are a wide variety of problems occurring, such as multi-currency, multi-language, multi-time zone, multi-data format and large regulatory differences of companies. Yonyou tends to keep pace with “The Belt and Road” policy via the application of new technologies, which could help companies better manage business information on a global scale, improve business operation efficiency, achieve data sharing and strengthen risk prevention capabilities. The exclusive industrial solutions can also better meet the needs of digital upgrading and transformation in various industries.

Yonyou provides digital transformation assistance for various types of companies, manages to break the cross-regional management and language barriers, and enhances the competitiveness of enterprises in the regional markets along “The Belt and Road”, no matter:

-Chinese companies that face overseas markets

-Local companies located in “The Belt and Road” area

-Overseas companies that intend to enter the Chinese market

Yonyou provides customized and comprehensive solutions for enterprises, which enable companies to have an international vision, deeply participate in the global competition, and seize business opportunities accurately.

In addition to leading cloud services, software, and industry solutions, we also provide professional services in a variety of languages, including business consulting, implementation, training, and all kinds of support services for global clients.

Industrial Solutions – Integrate resources for the company’s internationalization

Integrated enterprise group

By unifying basic data and management standards, we will connect the information system of integrated enterprise groups and overseas branches, and build group management, human resources, finance, capital pool, and global supply chain collaborative management platform to improve the efficiency of business operations. The system could meet the need of multi-criteria, multi-currency and multi-language global applications, support the organizational structure adjustment, ensure the consistency of the information of the headquarters and branches of the group, and achieve the real-time inquiries and monitoring of the branch management information. Through data integration, decision-makers could actualize the multi-dimensional analysis of group and branch information with accurate and efficient data.

Construction Industry

“The Belt and Road” promotes connectivity whose premise is infrastructure. It is predicted that by 2030, the cumulative output value of the national construction industry along “The Belt and Road” will reach US$44.6 trillion, which will bring huge opportunities and market space for the construction industry. yonyou’s construction industry aims at the whole lifecycle management of engineering projects and provides tools of the customized interfaces, processes and reports to help customers quickly establish digital solutions. Business modules, such as site, safety, quality, schedule, and assets will be integrated into a unified platform to help enterprises achieve all-round coordination of people, finances, and machines, and provide a unified coordination domain.

Financial industry

yonyou provides comprehensive solutions for global financial companies, including banking, securities, asset management, and other business types. The integrated applications based on financial and trading systems can provide reports that meet the requirements of financial regulators (eg, the FRR report required by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission). The customer management system based on the Yonyou iUAP platform can meet the data management requirements from the integration of account opening, compliance, and transaction, forming a management platform including unified customer account, interaction, market, research report, and analysis report.

Circulation industry

Faced with customers from different regions and changing markets, Yonyou Marketing has built a customer-centric channel management structure for cross-border circulation enterprises, covering retail, wholesale, catering and other business types. We can provide accurate, scene-based and personalized customer experience services based on local consumption patterns and cultures, and integrate financial, capital and supply chains to help companies share global marketing resources, meet the rapid innovation of marketing and sales, and enhance the company’s competitiveness.