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The Digitalization Value Summit was held to outline a digital transformation for the future development of enterprises.

On August 23, 2019, the 2019 Global Enterprise Service Conference under the theme of “Digital Enterprise and Intelligence Service” kicked off at the Sanya Bay Mangrove International Conference Centre in Hainan. More than 10,000 global elites, well-known entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, ecological partners and media representatives from all walks of life gathered together to share innovation experiences and build a digital and intelligent future.

Digitalization drives enterprise development.

Wang Wenjing, the chairperson of Yonyou Network, mentioned in his speech that Chinese enterprises are facing huge historical opportunities of the combination of digitalization, localization and globalization. With such opportunities and the promotion of localization, Chinese companies have already taken the lead in the world in terms of technological innovation, business models and management methods. Yonyou, as eco-platform enterprises derived from Chinese local practices, will become a strong force in the future. Value activation is the company’s long-lasting goal. Facing the open and deep-seated problems of data value activation, digitalization could bring new value to the business innovation, management transformation, financial embedded, IT upgrades and other aspects so that companies could increase revenue, reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Enterprise Digitalization has entered a complex phase and companies should seize chances to activate the unlimited potentials.

The digital transformation has penetrated all kinds of fields, and the pioneers have already realized the great value brought by digitalization for enterprise operation and development.

Starting from the counter to creating a clothing brand and now becoming the fashion tube club for millions of high-end people, the growth path of the Yiwen Group can be regarded as an industry case. As the forerunner of digitalization in the field of clothing, its digital innovation practice is worth learning. Xia Hua, the chairperson of Yiwen Group, said frankly, “In the digital age, companies like Yonyou have given the clothing industry unlimited possibilities. There is no doubt that Yiwen Group has benefited from digital transformation.” The open digital system allows Yiwen Group to better control the relationship between consumer demand, manufacturing and supply, and create more and more popular products.

Yonyou can accelerate enterprise digitalization around customer value innovation

At present, Yonyou Cloud Service has helped more than 4.93 million enterprises and public organizations to develop digitally and intelligently. Speaking of the understanding of enterprise digitalization, Xie Zhihua, the executive vice president of UFIDA Network, shared three core points: one was that enterprise digitalization should shift from “business digitalization” to “data commercialization”. Besides, social enterprise modeling that bases on organizational network and tries to transform enterprises digital services can open up internal and external sectors to achieve optimal resource allocation. Last, digitalization could make enterprises more efficient because the enterprise transaction database could satisfy real-time business management needs.

At the meeting, Xie Zhihua inspired enterprises that were facing problems in the process of digital transformation by sharing digital cases from various industries. Yonyou Cloud Service continues to improve its capacity to provide better supports for enterprise digital practice. The newly upgraded large-scale hybrid cloud NC cloud aims at comprehensive mobility and rule-oriented services for large enterprises; iaup5.0 data in the platform could further promote product intelligent landing, actualize the twinning of enterprise data and business, and further stimulate the digital value of enterprises.

Yonyou releases YonSuite growth enterprise smart cloud ERP

During the digital summit, Liu Xiangming, the co-founder of Titanium Media, proposed that the vitality of the digital ecology determined the digital value. Wu Lianfeng, the vice president and chief analyst of IDC China, shared three proposals for the digitalization of enterprises, and established a digital transformation vision from the top of the enterprise. Zhu Gang, the senior vice president of AsiaInfo Group, suggested that enterprises under the 5G development trend could achieve real-time inquiries and data accumulation through digitalization and form a knowledge platform to support ecological development. Lin Shiwan, the chairperson of the US Industrial Internet Alliance technical architecture group, said that there were deep professions in different fields and the combination of expertise was the most effective way to serve industrial enterprises. Chen Yongzheng, the co-chairman of Sui Rui Technology, believed that 5G and edge computing could develop many applications and technologies that could not be approached in the past, such as quantum technology, blockchain, new biotechnology, etc. When talking about the digitalization of large enterprises, Wang Jian, the senior vice president of Yonyou Network, shared the experience of Yonyou. As the digital value is gradually enlarged, the internal informatization of the enterprise tends to extend externally, and at the same time, the internal system is deeper and transform to shared services. Xie Zhihua, the vice president of Beijing Technology and Business University, pointed out that the essence of the education was the reproduction of scenes and the digitalization could truly achieve the goal of the perfect integration of theory and practice.