You sharing series 1 –

Leverage Digital Tools to Accelerate Your Sales Productivity

On 12 April 2018, supported by Singapore Business Federation(SBF), Yonyou had conducted its first talk of YY Sharing Series successfully. This talk aims to illustrate and decode the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) for Wholesales & Retail Sectors, furthermore, share real cases help enterprises for better understanding of digital strategies suggested by SPRING Singapore in the ITMs. In accordance with ITMs, Digital tools, such as accounting and human resource systems are no longer under the scope of Government Financial Support. The Government encourage that enterprises could build up their digital capability in terms of business model transformation and talents development.

As we known, wholesalers and distributor are essential part of product distribution channel. They are the bridge between the manufacturers and retailers ensuring the flow of goods from initial production to the final customer. However, wholesaler & Retailer, compared to manufacturer, are far less digitalized. This is because technology in the past could not support management for external parties which are not in their full control, such as distributors, end-users. The influence is limited. By the development of big data and social economy environment, cloud-based technology will make the gap and take influence to next level.

Haday, 海天 in Chinese,China’s biggest flavour manufacturer, is the one of three cases shared in the event. It owns 300+SKU and 330,000+ stakeholders in its distribution channel system over the world. The three key difficulties they faced are:
1. Loss control on wide coverage of sales points which increasing in numbers but decreasing in scale
2. Legacy in data collection from the end of distribution chain to HQ
3. Inaccurate measurement in sales and marketing expenses invested in
By leverage on Yonyou U Order cloud-based digital platform, Haday enhanced the management and influence over 330,000+ distributors over the world and gain the first-hand customers’ data, therefore, seizing the initiative in the increasingly competitive business environment. The core of system can summarize as 5 suggestions listed in below.

TOP 5 highlights for brand owners and wholesalers for Omni-channel

1. Construct Omni-channel to gathering real-time market statues (end-consumer’ behavior)
2. Protect traditional channel relationship, but weaken its control over downstream channels
3. Analysis real-time data for rapid and ultimate reaction of dynamic markets
4. Create holistic royalty programme to reinforce brand stickiness
5. Improve investment ROI to the outlets by comprehensive measurement

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