Yappy Pets – Case Study for Wholesale Trade & Distribution


Yappy Pets

Company Profile

Yappy Pets was founded in June 1994 with a dream to provide the best nutrition to pet dogs. Over the years, Yappy Pets has expanded its business globally while representing a wide variety brands ranging from pet food, treats, hygiene care, accessories and grooming equipment. They are present in over 300 retail stores in Singapore, and e-commerce stores such as Lazada and Shopee.

Project Background

Currently, the sales process is disconnected as there are multiple systems being used, and these systems are not connected. Thus, data is not shown in real-time and in an accurate manner. Resources are also being utilized to extract data from programs into their ERP systems. The process is time-consuming and inefficient. It is also prone to human error. Ideally, Yappy Pets wants to streamline the sales order synchronization process between different systems, including the ERP system, and be able to track sales accurately, in real-time. They would also like repetitive processes to be automated, so manual work is not required, and resources can be reassigned to more meaningful duties. 


With yonyou Robotic Process Automation (RPA), everyday operations can now be automated. It uses business logic to automate pre-determined business processes. Yappy Pets can now configure software that will process transactions, manipulate data, trigger responses and interact with other systems (such as ERP business software solutions) automatically.

Advantages of yonyou RPA

  • Speed: Complete daily operations up to 12x faster
  • Reduced Costs: Cut costs through error-free operations & better HR allocation
  • Consistency: Automated all through 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • Ease of Operations: Fast implementation & no maintenance needed


Sample RPA workflow:


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