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Meiban International

Meiban is currently one of the most established and one of the best molding and mold making companies in Singapore.

Meiban International

Business Challenges

  • No knowledge centre: Unified platform providing access to a centralised system for information storage, analysis & reporting management
  • Double work: a lot of double works to be done, high risks in human errors due to negligence or fraud
  • Broken linkage:
  • Many subsidiaries: month-end, quarter-end and year-end accounts consolidation is very time-consuming; High risk involved due to high volume of internal transactions.

Solution & Key Value Created


  • Finance and supply chain have been integrated into one centralized system
  • Business process has been standardized and well controlled through the integrated process and approval flows
  • Management can access the financial report and drill down to business transaction data in subsidiaries in real time

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